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วันที่ May 23, 2017, เปิดอ่าน : 64 Views
A Realistic VR Golf Game, ‘EVERYDAY GOLF VR’ Coming Soon on Steam


A realistic VR Golf Game, <EVERYDAY GOLF VR> developed by WISECAT Inc., the maker of a famous baseball game <SLUGGER>, is preparing for its launch on Steam, after being greenlit.

Link to Steam Greenlight Page

< EVERYDAY GOLF VR> is the first VR game to be presented by WISECAT, and is playable with HTC Vive. The game is reportedly focused on providing the most user-friendly UI for everybody, while implementing real-like physics and graphics.

The golf courses in the game are based on several famous tourist attractions around the world, like the Alps and Bali. “A player wearing an HMD can feel as if the game is taking place in the middle of a trip”, says one of the WISECAT staffs.

What makes <EVERYDAY GOLF VR> different from the existing realistic golf VR contents is its swing analysis system, a system analyzing the swinging motions of the player.
The swing analysis system provides the player with details on such player’s swing trajectory, swing speed, head up information, and ball’s travel distance after stroke, etc. Not only the swing trajectory, which was occasionally seen in some existing golf VR games, but also the pose and its aftermath with respect to the swing motion are provided in different angles. Players can easily utilize this information to check their stroke and train for better results.

<EVERYDAY GOLF VR> was greenlit on May 18th, and is preparing for its launch on Steam this coming June. Also, an update is scheduled on July for introducing Oculus Touch into use.
Check on WISECAT webpage for more information and video feeds on gameplay: